Sunday, July 21, 2013

Is early age marriage the end of your career?

This question is augmented by many but is resolved by none. Just after my graduation I got married to my boyfriend. After few days of enjoyment and spending quality time with him, I came back to reality. I was a fresher and I had left my placement job for my marriage.  I applied for various posts in the new country but unfortunately none of them was meant for me. Either they were just jobs with no career or they required late hour’s work which was difficult for me. I actually started thinking that I ended my career before it was started.

This is the time when my mother explained me that don’t let this failure over shadow your dreams. Maybe it’s difficult to start up again, but it’s not impossible. Especially when we get married to a supportive guy. I made the list of the problems I was facing in getting a job and made them my strengths. The foremost problem was I was in another country. Many job opportunities I lost were due to the visa issue or certification of English proficiency. So my first priority was to choose the job which is open to the international citizens and to get credential of my English proficiency. The next target was to look for a career not for a job. According to me we should choose a career as per our interest. If we do something we love we will never feel bored of our job. In professional activities I was good at two things- one is writing and other is teaching. For teaching in engineering colleges the minimum requirement is of master`s and I did not had it at that time. I enrolled myself in the best university of Malaysia. Once we start running towards our goals, the doors for more opportunities starts opening up.

I came to know about the position of research assistant in the same university. It covers both of my interest of writing and teaching. It is more like a training process, our supervisor guide us towards the ameliorate performance. We study, manage the administrative duties within the group and whenever we get a chance we teach our juniors also. We cover all the sectors- we are in the education sector, create the corporates, behave like businessmen for projects and above all enjoy the life like a student.
Along with this we need to ignore what people are talking about us. Early or late marriages, they will just keep on criticizing. Don’t let them break your self-confidence and at this stage never get yourself indulged in antagonism. It is not essential that we need to defeat other for being successful. Invest your energy in personal development.

I love my job, I am growing in this field day by day. I am married but it didn't hampered my career. It’s all about how we face the problems and look for a solution. Now, unlike my few other friends I don’t hate my boss rather I am satisfied with my job.  So anyone who lost his job and is not getting a good one. Please look for a career of your interest and remember marriage has nothing to do with your career.