Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Hindu Sai Follower

From the past few days I am hearing so many comments about the religion of Sai baba. These comments have really tried my patience and now it's the time to speak up. There are few things I want to ask from the religious saints, those who have issues with Sai baba.  First of all, if you are asking to ban the entry of Hindu followers in Sai Temples then please ban our entry in church, Khawaja ji ( ajmer sharif), golden temple or guruduwaras and every holy place you can think of except temples. Let me remind you, that there was a famous Muslim King Akbar who was a devotee of Lordess Durga, do you want to get such historical events deleted. Secondly, you said that Sai baba used to eat non-vegetarian food and he can't be a Hindu god. How about offering fish during Durga pooja, From the Bengali`s to the Punjabi`s, from Pakistani`s to American; there are countries where people eat non-veg as a meal and I think they also have place in heaven. This is not about what we eat and where we live; it's all about what we have in our heart. And now if we talk about the thoughts and feelings, I worship Sai baba.. When I crossed the eve teasing streets of India he protected me like a brother, when I didn't had money to pay for my expenditures he helped me like a father, whenever I suffered with illness he helped to recover like a mother...He is my god, my friend philosopher guide.... He is not a person or an idol.. He is my faith!! You may take away the stone idol from us but you cannot take away the faith from us.

And finally, if you are asking to choose between Sai and Ram... Then OM SAI RAM , may god bless you with better mentality and thoughts. 

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