Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Women! We also need to CHANGE

Women! We also need to CHANGE

We all know how we are harming our loving mother NATURE in various ways. For some of them we do not have solutions, for some problems we are trying to develop solutions and for most of the problems we have solutions BUT we do not want to implement them.

The reason we are not implementing is, we are so much into our COMFORT zone that we don't want to take a chance.

If we are talking about the "CHANGE" then in a country like INDIA it is the women who are looking for most of the changes. While implementing renewable energy is something which is not completely in their hand , there is something which they can do prevent our environment from a major problem.
The issue is using " Reusable Sanitary Napkins". OOPS! Is it something we are still ashamed of talking in public. While the multinational companies are making millions by selling sanitary napkins in the country with the second largest population, I have serious problem now with the existence of this product.

With no offence, Since my childhood I believe that if there is something very usefull or important for us it might have been developed by our ancestors. From Vedas to Geeta most of our hollybooks talk about all the scientific weapons and technology based things. Then why the most basic need of a women during her periods was not invented by them? Why during their childhood our mothers were dependent on those cloth and cotton based pads?

One may say they didn't had access to such products but I am convinced that our grandmothers were either aware of the side effects or they didn't found them worth.
Why we should opt for reusable products?

1. How about breaking a $718 billion industry?

It may sound like something anarchist but why we are paying the Multinational company for product which will eventually spoil our environment.
According to a survey one women throws 16,800 pads or tampons during her life time. Imagine the number of women in India those who are in their reproductive age. And now imagine the number of sanitary products we are throwing.

2. Reusable products are cheaper

Compared to our favuorite extra long wings Whispers, they are damn cheap.  A premium quality Napkin (Made of 100% cotton, these pads feature a comfortable soft flannel top side, 5 layers of absorbency, a built-in leak proof layer ) will cost you around 100 rupees. If we even buy 10 pads (in case they take time for drying during winters) then also we will spend only 1000 rupees.
AND, They last for 5 years :)
The normal quality reusable napkin starts at only 2 rupees.

3. The foremost reason is protecting our environment

Our sanitary napkins contains traces of plastic. Those parts are non-biodegradable, not only they pollute the environment but have health hazards for the animals those who might chew them, people collecting the garbage for recycling. No matter how many newspapers/ poly-bags were used to wrap them.

4. Protecting your health

The traces of plastics, or our so called liquid absorption gel does not allow airflow to our vaginas.  This will lead to infections, irritation and rashes.
A material called "Rayon" is used in the manufacturing of sanitary napkins. It absorbs all the moisture from the napkin but also from vagina leading to higher chances of infections and menstrual cramps.

5. Important to watch out the menstrual blood

This is something really important and something I recently learnt. Most of us tend to look at our periods as something disgusting. More like a formality we are bound to fulfil every month. However, actually we are blessed as menstruation is the best way in which our body tell us about our health.
The menstrual blood should be "Red" as fresh as if I cut my hand with a blade, without any clots. But as the sanitary napkins tend to make the blood dry and we seldom take an opportunity to touch or wash the napkin, We never realise how our health is depreciating.
It is more important for the girls going through menstrual cramps, PCOS, cysts and vaginal infections.

6. No need to settle for something so "White" and "Boring"

The good news is lets empower women in a a new way. Lets use the sanitary napkin of our favourite color. Lets break all the taboos related to menstruation and stop saying " I am Down" .

Let us CHANGE our thinking, our Way of living. Lets us PROTECT ourselves and our ENVIRONMENT.

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