Monday, April 17, 2017


I have a story to share, 
It`s not in coherence with your chauvinism, So Beware

The story is not about some golden horses and cars, 
But about some ugly untouched scars, 

The story is about a girl, who wanted to be the queen,
not only she wanted to conquer  the land but the whole Marine, 

All her loved ones gave her up in the middle of the way
Only a few accepted her, rest left her dead and stray, 

Some of them betrayed her by stabbing her back
She used them as a ladder when the wounds stacked

She did not loose hope, moved on with horses and wagons
What else could you except, she`s after all the mother of dragons

In spite of all the challenges, the girl used to grow
With her soul 'naked' and wounds 'blunt' yet 'raw' 

While protecting the kingdom, she built the Empire
Not only she conquered everything but also fulfilled her prohibited desire

She became the 'man' she wanted to date
While attaining the charisma no one would ever hate

She burnt the rule-books and stood us as a 'Misaal',
She was not the "Khalessi", She was the "Khal" 


  1. This very beautiful poem skillfully epitomizes the 'Ardhnarishwar'Principle of the ancient Shiva-Shakti legend. Well done, Alisha! I'm really proud of you! Do keep penning such glittering gems!